ArtBubs: Eveline Kotai | WA Unlimited

Eveline Kotai Breathing Pattern #3 2019. Acrylic on ply, 120.7 x 270 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Art Collective WA.

Featured tour - Eveline Kotai: Breathing Pattern and WA Unlimited


Over the past 15 years, Eveline Kotai’s interest in material dissolution and regeneration has culminated in the practice and process of cutting up and reworking her own paintings into new works.

Her unique technique of reconfiguring pre-existing works into new compositions via invisible thread, and onto new surfaces, echoes a world in perpetual motion, transition and continuation. The exhibition will include new and recent work with the variety of media including canvas reconstructions and paintings. 

Then, see what's new in AGWA's WA Unlimited, celebrating Western Australian art from the 1920s to now.


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